▶ Liberty Pen: Video: Sam Tanenhaus: Radicals Of The Right: How The Republican Party Has Changed

Tea Party Republicans

Tea Party Republicans

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▶ Sam Tanenhaus: Radicals Of The Right: How The Republican Party Has Changed – YouTube.

The death of Conservatism is too far because it is not true. There are plenty of real Conservatives in America in and outside of the Republican Party. Senators like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. Representatives like Justin Amash and Joe Barton, Governor Chris Christie I believe is a real Conservative. The problem with the Republican Party is not that they are too Conservative. But that they aren’t Conservative enough or have people in charge who say we are here to govern. And to lead even if that means we do not get everything that we want and if you are not here. To govern than you shouldn’t be here and go back to your world of political activism. Where you will make a lot more money, spend more time with your friends and families. And probably be a lot happier but government is for adults who know how to govern. Not for people who continue to fight the fight no matter what like that boxer. Who doesn’t know how to give up and continues to take unnecessary punishment. That to be a Conservative you have to responsible and realistic. Especially when you are working in divided government and know what you can get. And where you have to let ago and come back another day to try to finish the job.

President Ronald Reagan had a great line where he said something to the effect. In any negotiation I’m involved in with Democrats and I can get eighty percent of what I want. Even if that means giving some things that I do not want. I’ll take that deal all that time and come back and get the remaining twenty percent. That is what is missing in the Republican Party especially in the House of Representatives. And the establishment Republicans in the House Republican Conference could save the GOP. And return it back to its Conservatives days and values and tell Speaker John Boehner. Look you go work with President Obama and Leader Reid over in the Senate and get. The best deal that you can because we’ll have your back and even if that deal doesn’t pass. In the House we’ll have your back and prevent a Tea Party revolt against you that would cost. You your speakership in this Congress and then divided government would actually work. In Washington and we can avoid these crisis’ in the future.

You are not a Conservative if you do not believe in conserving things. Like gee I don’t know the American economy and preventing the country from defaulting. And you are not a Conservative-Republican if you do not believe in conserving. The Republican Party and not doing things that could risk not only hurting the party. But devastating the party like in the midterm elections next year. So the real Conservative-Republicans are yes the people who believe in limited government. Both as it relates to our economic as well as personal issues but someone who knows how to govern. And who’s a realist and won’t do things that will hurt the Republican Party.


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