Mises Daily: Opinion: Friedrich A. Hayek: Two Types of Individualism: Economic and Social Individualism

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Two Types of Individualism – Friedrich A. Hayek – Mises Daily.

Individualism is exactly as it sounds being about the individual and individual choice. Instead of having government try to make decisions for the people even through popular vote. And Individualist on the Right or Left and in my case on the Left.  Says that the individual should make the decisions that concern them and their own lives. Themselves since they are on the ground so to speak and understand themselves better than. Anyone and what they need and want to live well in life. That they should be able to govern themselves instead of government or the so-called. Will of the people making these decisions for them instead. That property rights include’s one’s own body and mind and not just financial property. This means that the individual can do to their own property as they see fit. It doesn’t mean they can hurt someone else’s property whose innocent. But that they are in control of their own lives both financial and personal. This means a hell of a lot of freedom both personal and economic but it also means a. Hell of a lot of responsibility as well that we are responsible for our own decisions. That we make with our own property for better or worst including ourselves.

Individualism quite frankly scares the hell out of statists or paternalists on the Right and Left. Who are not Conservatives or Liberals but paternalists on the Right and Left. Who have a collectivist view of life, society and government and that freedom is dangerous. And needs to be heavily regulated for the good of society and tend to see freedom. As the freedom to make mistakes that we the people so to speak have to end up paying for. Paternalists on the let’s say Far-Right who look at social issues from a fundamentalist. Religious perspective who see certain activities even if they are personal and done in the. Privacy of people’s homes as so immoral and offensive and dangerous for society. That they simply need to be outlawed for the good of society. To paternalists on the Left who have a strong Socialist or statist view on the Far-Left. Who view freedom of choice as dangerous when it comes to things like gambling. Investments, pensions, healthcare, health insurance, junk food and soft drinks, certain forms of speech even. That the state meaning government. Has to step in and take control so people aren’t allowed. To make mistakes with their own lives and money that government will have to bail them out for.

So that is the difference between an Individualist and a Collectivist. Individualist being about the individual and the Collectivist being about the collective. Meaning the society and the reason I’m an Individualist is because I believe. In that people should be able to make their own beds in life and then be responsible. For having to live in their own beds since we have to live with the consequences of our own lives. For good or bad and not government.

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