Talking Points Memo: Video: FNC’s Red Eye: Greg Gutfield, “Hobby Lobby Case Sends Shrieking Feminists Into Hysteria”

Greg Gutfield with an interesting take on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision. I covered this last night, but again if you are seriously a Liberal and you don’t just call yourself a Liberal because you are afraid of the political stigma that comes with being called a socialist or a social democrat, but you are a real Liberal with real liberal feelings and politics, then you shouldn’t have a problem with the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision. And I would also argue that if you are a true feminist you shouldn’t have a problem with the decision either.

Why because the Supreme Court didn’t say that you can’t have birth control or contraceptives. It’s just said government can’t force people to pay for your birth control or contraceptives. But that is not enough for radical feminists. They not only want to be able to do what they want to do. But force people to pay for their choices and then eliminate any possible opposition to their beliefs by trying to get people fired when they say something on their show or write an article saying something that offends them.

Radical Feminists



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