Sky News: Video: Should an Independent Scotland Be Allowed To Keep the Pound?

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger, January, 2014

A Federalist Union might be the only way to save the United Kingdom in Britain. Where each of these British states would have autonomy and the freedom to govern their own domestic affairs while the British Federal Government would handle national security, foreign policy, homeland security, interstate commerce and law enforcement. But where Scotland, England, Wales and North Ireland would be left with the domestic affairs of their own states.

With a Federalist Union in Britain, Britain would be saved as a unified country. The socialist state even would still be in place it is just that the British states (for lack of a better term) would be left with the governing when it comes to their socialist systems of their own domestic affairs and be able to manage those programs and systems for their own state. But the British welfare state and the taxes to fund it would still be there, but carried out by the states themselves in their own states.

Scotland, England, Wales and North Ireland are all better off being part of the same national union. But even Socialists in each of these own states would like to see more autonomy and freedom over their own affairs and Scotland is as socialist as anyone in the United Kingdom. Is a perfect example of that and would allow the United Kingdom to stay in place. Because each of these states would be able to govern themselves inside of this Federal Union.


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