Nat Shuk-CBS Sports: NBA 1975-NBA Finals-Game 3-Washington Wizards @ San Francisco Warriors: 2nd Half

San Francisco Warriors

Source: FRS FreeState Now Plus– What Golden State Warriors?

Source: The New Democrat Plus

You would thing being down 0-2 in a series where you are the overwhelming favorite to not just win the series, but win the series in 4-5 games and being down would be all the motivation needed for a team that won sixty games in the regular season to come out and play their best game of the season. Because you go down 0-3 to any NBA team, especially a good team that Warriors certainly were in 1975, you are not going to win. When a team comes back from being down 0-3 in an NBA Finals to win the series or even stretch it to seven games, than I’ll believe it is possible.

But the K.C. Jones led Bullets came out sloppy in the first half of this game, with all the turnovers and giving up a lot of easy buckets. And basically they looked like the way they played in-game one and two of this Finals, with the Warriors playing their game on both offense and defense. Taking away the Bullets key players on offense and playing their team game of offense. And not relying on just one or two players to beat the Bullets. But really, their whole team played well in this Finals.
Nat Shuk-CBS Sports: NBA 1975-NBA Finals Game 3-2nd Half


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