Larry Legend- CBS Sports: NBA 1986-Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics: Highlights

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

A classic 76ers-Celtics matchup in 1986 that produced perhaps the best Boston Celtics team of all-time and you could make a good case the best NBA team of all-time in the 86 Celtics. Against a 76ers team that was sort of in transition, with Julius Erving wrapping up his brilliant career. The 76ers not sure about the future of their great center Moses Malone and the Sixers getting Charles Barkley, the power forward of the 1990s more involved in their game and he emerging as their best all around player. The Celtics were still dominant and at their best in 86. The 76ers were transitioning from a top Eastern Conference team, but trying to regroup and rebuild to get back to the top of the EC and the NBA as a whole. The Yankees-Red Sox of the NBA, so no matter how both clubs are doing, there’s always the potential for a great game.
Larry Legend-CBS Sports: NBA 1986-CBS GOW 01-26-86-Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics: Highlights


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