NBC: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Don Rickles in 1983


Don Rickles

Crazy Man

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

After Don Rickles essentially going off on one of his crazy tantrums for fifteen-minutes or so, the only thing I got from this, well I got a few things, but Rickles is crazy. Someone spiked his apple juice with scotch, perhaps LSD or something. Or perhaps Rickles spiked his own apple juice with LSD. Johnny Carson was obviously a very patient man, I guess as long as the audience was enjoying Rickles.

Ed McMahon is obviously the highest paid yes man of all-time. I would argue overpaid, I mean seriously how hard is it to say yes. I mean you don’t even have to speak English to say it. All right fine, Big Ed said, yes! Yeah, fine now I’m impressed and I bet Big Ed could tie his own shoes, which came from all the experience that he tied Johnny Carson’s shoes. But I still think Big Ed was overpaid. And that Don Rickles represents the fact that we don’t have enough people living in mental hospitals.


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