Economic Policy Journal: Veronique De Rugy- Stop Calling The GOP The Party of Small Government


Source: MSNBC– Donald Trump’s GOP

Source: The New Democrat

Listening to Republicans today talk about the need for limited government and limiting the size as well as growth of government, is like talking and listening to a 400 pound man ( perhaps in New Jersey, to use Donald Trump’s reference ) talk about the need for diet and exercise. It’s hard to listen to it with a straight face, because they’re only speaking from bad experience. Sort of like hearing a parent tell their kids not to do exactly what they did when they were the exact same sage. Like staying out late, eating too much junk food, playing video games, etc.


Source: Democratic Underground– The King of debt Donald Trump

When I want to hear advice, I want to hear advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. I know, that sounds crazy and perhaps next you might say that I would only jump out of an airplane with a parachute or when I’m completely drunk, but I want to hear advice from people who know what they’re doing. Who can say, “you should look at doing this, because this is what I did and it worked out very well from me.” Instead of someone saying, “don’t screw up like me. Trust me, it doesn’t work because that’s exactly what I did. ”


Source: The Nation Magazine– Vice President Mike Pence & the House GOP- Fiscal responsibility, LOL!

The Republican Party, is no more the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility, as they’re the party of individual freedom and federalism. They believe in freedom for the individual, if that person lives like them and shares their same cultural and religious values. They’re the party of federalism, if states and localities are doing exactly what they want them to do. This case with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and immigration, with so-called sanctuary cities is a great example of that. Marijuana where the Trump Administration, wants to interfere with state marijuana laws and say that the states can’t have their own marijuana laws, is another example of that.

And perhaps more important than anything else because it affects our economy with things like interest rates and banking, the Republican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility, only when Democrats are in power and deficits are high. Once Republicans retake the White House again and have a Republican Congress as well, they act like fiscal responsibility is something they’ve never heard of. Or deficits and debt are no longer major concerns, because they’re back in power and know how to manage those things. Or as Vice President Dick Cheney said back in 2003 on Meet The Press, “deficits don’t matter.” Or as Donald Trump has said, he’s the king of debt and knows how to manage it.

This Republican Congress hasn’t done much in how the year in a half that they’ve been in power. But they did manage to pass three big spending bill with big spending being the two key words. I guess Republican would be another key word as well, but they passed a gigantic federal budget, a gigantic spending bill with both of those bills only making the most obese person in the world happy with how they big and porky they are. With Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration essentially saying that, “why should we be worried about the national debt and deficit, when we’re not going to be the people who have to pay for it?” And of course the so-called tax reform bill, which is another way of saying borrow two-trillion-dollars to pay for tax cuts, so we can tell the Republican voters that we actually did something while we’re in power.

Vice President Joe Biden, back in 2010 while he was campaigning for Congressional Democrats on the campaign trail, said in a speech, “that this is not your father’s GOP.” Meaning this is not the same Republican Party that he worked with in Congress as a Senator for 36 years, or the party he saw while growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. The Republican Party today is not even the Republican Party of 2010, 2011, 2012, that actually believed in fiscal responsibility. They’re now the Donald Republican reality TV show party that only seems to be in the business of trying to stay in power. Where the only principal is winning elections and defeating Democrats. And as a result they by themselves are killing fiscal conservatism and fiscal responsibility. Which is a shame, because it means that everyone else gets to pay for borrow and spend big government.


Source: Special Reports: David Stockman- Spend, Cut & Borrow: The GOP is Heading For Fiscal Calamity– Reagan Administration OMB Director David Stockman

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Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Nadine Strossen- ‘Fight Hate Speech With More Speech, Not Censorship’


Source: Reason Magazine– Author Nadine Strossen 

Source: The New Democrat

To paraphrase USA Today political columnist and CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers, I’m a free speech nut. Meaning I don’t put many limits on what free Americans can say about anything in America or anywhere else. Other than what Nadine Strossen said in this interview where she says you can’t incite violence and call for harm against personal property and individuals. You can’t falsely accuse someone without consequences. You can’t harass someone and leave horrible messages on their phone without consequences, or get in their face after the individual made it clear to you that they don’t want to talk to you and have already moved to get away from you. You’re free to yell at that person as they move away from you, but you can’t try to force anyone to listen to what you have to say about them or anyone else.


Source: Oxford University Press– Good book 

But when you live in a liberal democracy and you know what liberal democracy is actually about, you know you’re going to be living in a country where some people there at least aren’t very bright. Perhaps they flunked out of junior high, perhaps they’re one beer short of a keg, got kicked out of every mental institution that tried to help them or simply simply escaped from every mental institution known to man. They’re people out there that are simply stupid or crazy, or a combination of those things and view some humans as animals that deserved to be treated as such. Or that women should be slaves to men, at least Caucasian men. Or gays are really just mental patients, or perhaps don’t even deserve to be alive. You’re going to be sharing a free society with people who believe that only they the hateful nuts, deserve to live in freedom.


Source: Deposit Photos– Damn right!

Americans simply have the right to make assholes out of themselves, except for the exceptions I’ve already laid out and when you live in a country of 320 million people you’re going to have a lot of assholes. Especially when that country is a liberal democracy and broader free society. The way you combat hate speech is the same way you combat ignorance which is through education. You teach the ignorant or at least try to and explain why the asshole is an asshole and has views that could have only been dreamed up in the greatest pot fantasy in the history of the universe. And is so out-of-touch with reality that they live in a different universe mentally.

I’m in the camp that I’ll fight to death every American’s right to free speech even if I disagree with it and will fight to the death to preserve some asshole’s right to free speech, because I don’t want some other asshole ( especially elected assholes ) trying to shut me up either civilly or through government force when I say something that may tend to offend someone else. Once you pass laws that offensive speech is now illegal, you’ve just created a new highway of potential new offensive speech laws that now anyone could create or use to fight free speech that they disagree with. Which could include laws passed against racial and ethnic minorities when they say offensive things and do offensive things against majorities in America. Which is something the so-called political correctness warriors on the Far-Left haven’t thought through or even considered which is political correctness laws could be used against them. Free speech and education, are always the answers to ignorance.

Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Nadine Strossen- ‘Fight Hate Speech With More Speech, Not Censorship’

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Clips About Nothing: Seinfeld 1993- Teri Hatcher: ‘They’re Real & They’re Spectacular’


Source: Clips About Nothing– Teri Hatcher & Jerry Seinfeld 

Source: Action

If you’re familiar with this Seinfeld episode, you know that Teri Hatcher’s plays Jerry’s new girlfriend that he met at their health club. And one of the first things that he notices about her is of course is her how should I say, nice rack. And he tells his friends about her and they can’t believe that her breasts are real and feel the need to see them for themselves. And Elaine ( played by Julia Dreyfus ) agrees to be Jerry’s spy and she sort of follows Jerry’s girlfriend around their health club and into the sauna to see if her breasts are actually real or not.


Source: Fed-El Kryptonian– Teri Hatcher & Jerry Seinfeld 

What you see in this video is that it finally occurs to Sidra ( played by Teri Hatcher ) that Jerry not only doesn’t know if her breasts are real or not, but that he had a spy follow her around to see for herself if Sidra’s breast were real or not and that is why she walks out on him in his apartment. This was even before Teri Hatcher got the Lois Lane character on the ABC Clark Kent show about Superman. So she wasn’t a star yet in Hollywood or even a known name yet, but this is episode and break that made Teri Hatcher a star and has kept her working in Hollywood for the last 25 years.

Clips About Nothing: Seinfeld 1993- Teri Hatcher: ‘They’re Real & They’re Spectacular

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Mariah Riley: 48 Hours Mystery-Vanity Fair Hollywood Scandal- Natalie Wood


Source: Mariah Riley– Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner

Source: The New Democrat

I don’t see much of a mystery here and certainly no foul play, at least no evidence of any foul play. We know that Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, had a fight about Christopher Walken on their boat the night that Natalie drowned, but then they separated and went to different rooms on the boat. And Natalie for some reason by herself goes up on deck on their boat. We also know that they were both drunk and that Natalie not only couldn’t swim, but was scared of water and didn’t want to be in it.


Source: Vanity Fair– Natalie Wood

So that might pose the question what was she doing up there and did someone force her to go up there. The problem with that is that she was drunk. Not that I know this from personal experience having never been drunk in my life, but from what I’ve seen with intoxication is that people don’t think as well when they’re drunk, as when they’re sober. When you’re drunk you just lost some braincells and the consequence of that is that you’re not as sharp and aware of what’s going on around you and you also don’t have complete control of your movements.


Source: Alamy Stock Photo – Nat & RJ

You do and say silly things and perhaps eve stupid things when you’re drunk. Walking around on the deck of a boat on a cold November evening even in Catalina California and getting close to the freezing water, would qualify as stupid. Especially in the dark and being there all by yourself. Especially when you can’t swim and are afraid of the water, at least when you’re sober.

This wasn’t suicide or murder, but a woman who accidentally killed herself. Similar to a driver losing control of their car and being the only person in their car and crashing the car and dying instantly with no one else being there during the crash. Which happens with drunk driving accidents. This to me looks like a self-drowning accident. Perhaps the deck of the boat was wet and she was too close to the edge. Maybe she saw something and reached over to try to pick it up and lost control and fell in the water. With the other passengers on the boat away from her and no aware of what’s going on.

I’m going off the available evidence that has been made public about this case that is now over 36 years old in late 1981. If someone wants me to believe something else, show me some actual evidence. Not a conspiracy theory and arguing well this happen or that happen and Robert Wagner really didn’t love his wife and was jealous and saw this way to get back at Natalie because of her affection for Chris Walken. Even if that were true that still doesn’t put Wagner with Natalie when she died or right before she died. Instead all you have is a decent fictional mystery story. Perhaps a tabloid story but nothing with anyway real evidence to it.

Mariah Riley: Vanity Fair-48 Hours Hollywood Scandal- Natalie Wood

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Vanity Fair: Natalie Wood’s- Fatal Voyage


Source: Vanity Fair– Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood

Source: The New Democrat

I’m only going to make one reference between the death of Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood here, which is how they died. Marilyn at least from the best evidence I believe anyone has ever seen and at least has made public, killed herself but accidentally. She didn’t want to die that night in August of 1962 even if she was feeling depressed. But she drank too much and was overly medicated, because she had a history of depression and even mental unbalance.


Source: Yahoo– RJ & Nat

Natalie didn’t want to die in November of 1981 either and had no history of mental illness or even depression. But she was drunk when she died, couldn’t swim, was on a boat, was way too close to the water, just had a major argument with her husband Robert Wagner, and probably slipped and fell into the cold water. Where again she’s drunk and couldn’t swim even when she was sober let alone drunk.


Source: CNN– Hollywood Baby Goddess Natalie Wood

Robert Wagner making a bad decision here thinking the only thing that happened was that she fell into the water and even though she’s drunk, he believed that she could get herself out of the water. And did this to teach her a lesson which is don’t get involved with other men including Christopher Walken. He was jealous of the guess friendship that Natalie had with Chris Walken. But there is no actual real evidence that RJ personally killed his little, adorable, little girl like even, beautiful wife Natalie Wood.

And if someone wants me to believe otherwise, show me some actual real evidence. At the very least show me a witness even a drunk one that Wagner pushed his wife into the water and watched her drown and did nothing to rescue her. Or got into the water and personally drowned her himself. You’re not going to be able to do that because Wagner wasn’t on the deck when she drowned in the water.


Source: Buzz Feed Blue: Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood– Hollywood Baby Goddess Natalie Wood

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TIME Magazine: Aric Jenkins- Natalie Death Ruled Suspicious: Here’s What To Know About The Actress’s Suspicious Drowning


Source: TIME Magazine– Hollywood Goddess Natalie Wood

Source: The New Democrat Plus

Just before I get into what I believe happened in the death of Natalie Wood, I just want to share some of my personal thoughts about this true Hollywood Goddess, who was both great to look at, as well as one of the best actresses’s of her generation, if not ever. And certainly one of the cutest of not cutest actress’s ever. She’s in the same neighborhood as Liz Taylor and Lana Turner, when you’re talking about adorable women who’ve worked in Hollywood. Died at 43, but probably still looked like early 30s if not much younger than that. Cuter than Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors even, as well as being a beautiful and great actress. Damn shame she died so soon and died the way she did which was drowning which must have been terrifying and painful.


Source: National Post– RJ & Nat

I saw the Investigation Discovery documentary about her a couple weeks ago and seen several other documentaries about her life and death and what they showed was that Natalie was hanging out with the real Christoper Walken ( not even a great impersonator of him ) as well as her husband Robert Wagner on their boat just off of Southern California. And Natalie and Chris, were working on a movie together Brainstorm and Natalie and Chris, were very friendly, perhaps even having an affair and she was married to RJ ( also known as Robert Wagner ) at the time and he wasn’t very happy about that. Wagner’s career was doing very well at that point with the hit TV series Hart To Hart, but Natalie was in a slump and Brainstorm was supposed to be part of her comeback.


Source: Mid-Day– Nat & RJ

Both Natalie and RJ were drunk at this point that night on their boat. Natalie because she was having a great time with Chris Walken. RJ because he believed that his wife Natalie and Walken were too friendly and were jealous. And this is where it gets really interesting because Natalie wasn’t ashamed and dishonest about anything that was and might have been going on between her and Chris Walken and if anything was out front about that and they argued about that. RJ got somewhat violent but not actually hurting anyone on that boat and Natalie got fed up with that and went to their room on the boat to get away from her husband RJ and later went upstairs onto the deck of the boat. What we don’t know is what happened after this except that she fell into the water either accidentally or was possibly pushed into the water, but with no one offering any evidence that someone else was involved in Natalie falling into the water.

I’m cool with conspiracy theories, ( up to a point ) just as long as you have some actual real evidence to support your theory and you don’t sound like you just landed on Planet Earth from another planet or you’re a mental patient who is off their meds, or even an escaped mental patient, or even worst you sound like you’re simply trying to make money off of your supposed theory and now there are enough dumb Americans that will believe you and you make a profit from your made up story either through writing a book or making a documentary about it. What we do know is that Natalie Wood couldn’t swim, was drunk, went up to the deck of the boat voluntarily and fell into the water and later drowned. We don’t know about anyone actually drowning her and involved in her death either intentionally or accidentally.

We need to stay as close to the facts as possible with cases like this, if we want to be taken seriously by intelligent, well-informed, honest people. Otherwise we’ll sound like mental patients, people from other planets, or money hungry conspiracy theorists.

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The Week: Opinion- Paul Waldman: ‘Americans Don’t Pay Enough Taxes’- Give Me a Break!


Source: Credible Politics– Tax Day, is no holiday 

Source: The New Democrat

Only Socialists whether they’re self-described Socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders ( the only self-described Socialist in Congress, ( but not the only Socialist in Congress ) or trapped in the closet with no key or person insight to let them out Socialists ( like perhaps Paul Waldman ) who prefer to be called Progressives or even worst and makes want to stick my head in a toilet when I hear this, but some Americans trapped in the closet Socialists, prefer to be called Liberals, even though they tend to be more illiberal than Liberal like having the belief in unlimited government and that individualism and personal freedom is actually dangerous and selfish, believe Americans are undertaxed.


Source: Bluegrass Institute– Big Government, wants more of your money 

But only Socialists believe Americans and even middle class Americans are actually undertaxed. And view tax day as a national holiday and fill out their tax returns with huge smiles on their faces. Celebrate tax day with a wine and cheese party and brag about having to pay more in taxes than the guy or lady next to them. Americans aren’t overtaxed, but they’re overburdened which is why you had millions of Americans in the Midwest and rustbelt Northeast like Western Pennsylvania, voting for Donald Trump for President in 2016.

Not because they believed their taxes were too low, but because they their bills were too high and their incomes weren’t keeping up with the cost of living. And they had a political candidate in Donald Trump, who actually campaigned for them ( unlike Hillary Clinton ) and ask them for their vote ( unlike Hillary Clinton ) and gave them reasons to vote for him. ( Unlike Hillary Clinton ) I didn’t vote for Donald Trump for several reasons most of them having to do with with his lack of character and qualifications for the most important job in the world, but you have to give him credit for campaigning for what some people might say forgotten Americans.

People who are blue-collar and work very hard everyday to make ends meet and are now seeing their hard work not generating enough income for them to pay their bills. They’re not looking for a bigger U.S. Government to help them out and take more money from them, especially a government that is running 600 billion-dollar deficit headed to over a trillion and a 20 trillion-dollar national debt. They’re looking to be able to make more money and to live comfortably and not have worry every week or month about how they’re going to pay their bills. With higher bills, more bills, and less income to pay their bills.

Americans don’t want to pay more in taxes, they want to earn more money. They want jobs that not just pay their bills, but allow for them to put money away and gives them the freedom to decide how to educate their own kids, plan their own kids college savings plan, their own kids childcare, make their own health care and health insurance decisions, plan their own retirements, and make other key decisions in life that most adult Americans have to make for themselves.

You don’t increase Americans income by taxing them more and running higher deficits, because you’re overspending and hurting economic growth. You increase Americans income with better education including for adults who are struggling even if they’re working and empower for them to increase their own skills and education so they can get themselves a good job that allows for them to have the freedom and to make their own economic and personal decisions for themselves.

Instead of their fat overbearing, over paternalistic, selfish with other people’s money, Uncle Sammy who feels he can’t live on a four-trillion dollar national budget and needs more money from his nephews and nieces, even though he’s running a 600 billion-dollar deficit ( headed to over a trillion ) and a 20 trillion-dollar national debt.


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