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Tenzin Tsetan Choklay: Daniel Patrick Moynihan on Meet the Press

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat In this whole video I was most impressed with Pat Moynihan when he was talking about what became Welfare to Work in 1996. Which is what he supported when he … Continue reading

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President Ronald Reagan: The Purpose of Welfare

This is exactly what Welfare Insurance should be about. Which is to become so effective that it becomes no longer needed because the entire. Workforce or adult eligible population who are physically and mentally able to work. And are not … Continue reading

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Reason: Michael Tanner- Welfare Pays More Than Minimum Wage in Thirty-Five States

Source: Reason: Michael Tanner- Welfare Pays More Than The Minimum Wage in Thirty-Five States Perfect example of why someone collecting Welfare Insurance whose not working. Should get less in money than someone working full-time on the minimum wage to encourage more … Continue reading

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Brookings Institution: Ron Haskins- America’s Welfare Transformation

Source: Brookings Institution: Ron Haskins- America’s Welfare Transformation In 1996, a Republican Congress and President Bill Clinton made Welfare to Work the law of the country. Requiring people who are collecting Welfare Insurance to prepare themselves to go to work, go … Continue reading

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